Tips on Using Business Email Marketing to Grow Your Online Business


Business email marketing is a form of advertising that involves the use of email to market products or services directly to your clients. With this form of advertising, it is possible to transfer your messages faster and cheaper than when using conventional methods of marketing. You can target your messages to specific types of consumers, build relationships with your customers and reach new customers through well targeted and relevant emails that interest your recipients. Business email marketing is an effective method of promoting your business to the world and the following are tips that will help you use it in the right way.

Use a list server

A list server is commonly referred to as an autoresponder. It is an efficient method of collecting email addresses into your database and following them up automatically. There are online scripts that make it possible for you to host an autoresponder on your website or server. The safest route to go is to use a third party autoresponder company because it allows you to safeguard yourself from accusations of sending spam.

Create an email lead capture page

This is a page that collects the name and email address of a visitor. It is essential to use direct response marketing principles when designing this page. It is important to make sure that your business email marketing offers your clients help and service. You can do this by offering something that is valuable on your landing page so that your customers will respond with their email addresses and names. For instance, you can offer your customers a CD, free report or even a DVD in order to get them to hand over their information.

Build a relationship

Building a good relationship with your clients is very important in business email marketing. You should find out what your customer needs and fill that void. A customer can identify you as a spammer if you just continue sending one sales letter after another. When using business email marketing, inquire if your customer has any inputs or suggestions. This is a great method of letting your customers have a voice and it will also assist you to find out more about them. Your email marketing will be more effective if you know more about their desires.

Develop relationships with new clients

Another important thing in business email marketing is developing relationships with new clients. It is common for online businesses which continue sending constant and repetitive emails to fail to receive a response. The reason for this is that they failed to take time developing a relationship with potential customers. They therefore end up regarding them as spammers instead of valid consumer options. If you fail to build a relationship, your business email marketing emails could end up in your clients’ spam folders and you will never receive a response. The best way to go in business email marketing is to come up with a double opt-in option that allows subscribers to opt in and then verify that they wish to receive emails from you. In this way, you will target the customers who want to read your emails. Instead of sending out standardized emails that your clients may find boring, you should take time to find out what your clients want and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.


In order to succeed, you should put yourself in your customer’s shoes by considering the emails that can make you buy a product or service. Make sure that your clients realize why the product or service you are selling is awesome. Business email marketing can help you to significantly increase sales if you simply follow these simple principles.